Our Production

Water, barley, yeast, time and love

Our small-scale production is of a less urgent nature. 
The most important thing for us is that the taste experience fulfills the vision we had when we decided to make this journey and the vision we still have today; to make a whisky from quality raw materials, knowledge and passion and to put Gammelstilla on the whisky world map.

Our pot stills

The copper stills in the White Depository are self-designed and manufactured by former Bäckströms in Hofors where the large still has a capacity of 600 liters and 
the small one of 300 liters. These sizes can be compared with the country's larger stills of about 5,000 liters and those in Ireland which are occasionally 
so large that they take more than 30,000 liters. Gammelstilla's stills are thus undoubtedly of the smaller variety, which reinforces our desire to start 
small-scale and speed up slowly.

Since the original version from 2011, the necks have been adjusted and made longer. 
This is to provide increased copper contact during the distillation process, which gives the distillate a more pleasant and smoother alcohol.

Our mash

Since 2015, we have new equipment for mashing that has both made the process more stable and given us the opportunity to increase production. 
But in line with our vision of speeding up slowly, the escalation is modest as we do not even use the maximum capacity of 15,000 liters / year. 
We still mash twice a week and are then at 8,000 liters a year.

The mashing is done so that we leach out the sugar from the soaked crushed malt. 
To the sugar mixture (wort) we add yeast. The wort is allowed to ferment for two to three days and then reaches an alcohol content of 6-7 percent. 
The finished mash is then distilled.

Distillation and storage

The distillation in the first still (mash still) gives a spirit of about 27%. This spirit is transferred to the spirit still for further distillation. 
In this distillation we can divide the spirit into three fractions. First comes head then heart and last tail. 
The head and tail are redistilled in the next run. The heart, which is the pure spirit (raw spirit), is then stored in oak barrels for at least three years to be called whisky.