Our casks and maturation


In Gammelstilla there are now two storage rooms for the whisky to mature in. In the White Depository there is a smaller space where the very first whisky was stored and which is now filled with small barrels. Just a stone's throw away, across the street, away towards the lake, Brick Depository is out on a headland. It is a large building that was once intended as a mansion for the mill owner in the village. There is now a larger warehouse to keep the whisky safe.

As this is not a hasty whisky, it will be matured for longer than its obligatory three years. We are, and always have been, careful that the whisky gets the time it needs before we bottle it and ship it to the store.

As a barrel owner, however, it is up to you when you want to collect your whisky as soon as it has been aged for three years.

The casks

The very first whisky is maturating in casks that previously stored bourbon or sherry. Nowadays we also maturate the whisky in new casks of both French, Hungarian and Swedish oak. We also try casks that have contained other beverages. We are constantly looking for casks that can give our whisky the perfect taste.

Our casks can vary from under 30 liters to over 350 liters. Three years of maturating is the normal time for a 30-liter cask. The larger the cask, the longer the maturity time.

30 liters is the most common size for private cask owners. 55-liter casks also occur.